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How do I register?

Registration is easy, simply click the REGISTER tab on the menu and fill in the registration form. After registration, you will need to SUBSCRIBE to be able to access tenders. You can view our SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGES HERE.

I am failing to login

If you are failing to login, kindly reset your password HERE.
You can also reset your password using the Reset Password menu on the top menu bar

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, click RESET PASSWORD on the top Menu 3rd item. Input your email in the page that pops-up. You will receive a password reset link in your email. Click the password reset link and you will be able to set a new password for your account.

I can’t access tenders?

Firstly, make sure that you are logged in to your account. Secondly, make sure that your account is ACTIVE. You can view follow these steps to view your account status:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click My Account on the Menu
  3. Click My Recent Orders; confirm if your account has not lapsed.

If you still cant access tenders or failing to login kindly contact us on 0774473120 or drop us an email on info@tenderlink.co.zw

Subscription Related Questions

What are the different subscription plans?

We have 4 plans; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Plan. The Difference in the plan is on mainly the duration.

Bronze – 1 month

Silver – 3 months

Gold – 6 months

Platinum – 12 months

Except for the Platinum Plan which can be accessed by 3 users, all the plans allow only 1 user to access the account.

When do you activate my account?

We only activate your account after your funds have reflected in our bank account or mobile platforms. For mobile and online payments, the activation takes only a few hours provided its working hours. Although we still can activate accounts after hours, this can take some time. We encourage you to use online payment and pay via PAYNOW or PAYPAY for instant and automatic activation of your account.


When will my subscription expire if I pay on the 9th?

Your subscription will also expire on the 9th.

Do you accept Ecocash/Innbucks?

Yes we accept Ecocash and Innbucks. Ecocash or Innbucks can be paid online via the subscription/order page or offline by sending your payment to 0772570216 (G. Hungwe). Kindly forward pop to info@tenderlink.co.zw or whatsapp number 0774473120 for all offline payments.

I need to pay via bank?

You can do a payment via bank and send your pop to info@tenderlink.co.zw or WhatsApp number 0774473120 for activation. You can access all our payment platforms here

General Questions

How does this work?

Tenderlink is a platform where you can access Zimbabwean tenders online. We have a team of professionals who scan for tenders and RFQs in the market and publish them on your site. All our Active subscribers will then access tenders on the platform. We provide daily email and WhatsApp updates to keep you informed of all the tenders in your particular field that you may be interested in.

What benefits will I have?

The main benefit you will have is that you will get tender updates under one roof. There won't be any need to spend several hours searching for tenders when we can do this for your more efficiently. We have a dedicated team to make sure that we get most of the tenders that are in the market.

How do I search for tenders?

Once you re logged onto our site, click Tenders on the menu. You can filter tenders by category or use the search button to search using any key word, e.g., construction. Once you find the tender that you are looking for, click on it and the tender details will pop-up.

I cannot see the tender I want

You can user the search button to search for tenders that you are looking for. Kindly use key word e.g. computers if you are looking for tenders for computers. DO NOT use company names to search the tender you want.

Do you send tenders on WhatsApp?

Yes we send tenders updates on WhatsApp and email. However, you can access our tenders on the website anytime of the day

I am not receiving tenders on email/WhatsApp

If already subscribed, kindly send an email to info@tenderlink.co.zw or app us on 0774473120 and indicate the number or email that you need to be receiving updates on.

How do we contact you?

You can contact us on info@tenderlink.co.zw or calls on 0242 339 303 or 0774473120 (calls and WhatsApp)

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