Categories Explained

Business Categories


Agricultural, Forestry and Mining

Agricultural Equipment

Irrigation systems, harvesters, bailers, farming equipment, etc. tractors, aquaculture equipment

Agricultural Products/ Services

Assisting in the growing of crops and livestock, seeds, pesticides for crops, limestone, fertilizers, soil, water troughs, baling wire, aquaculture services, animal husbandry, animal feed, horticulture etc.

Forestry Products/ Services

Reforestation – Mass Tree Planting, Surveying, Spraying of trees, Tree Pruning/Removal Services (Stump), Nursery and Plants, Grinding and Chipping, etc. lumber, tree consultation, tree treatment, silviculture, aerial photography, mapping/cartography, GPS, Firewood, vegetation management, etc.

Mining Products/ Services/ Consulting/Supplies

Gold recovery, aluminum, copper, iron ore, drilling, etc. geo-chronological analyses, surveying, explosives, blasting, Mining Equipment, Consumables and Accessories (castings – mill balls, manhole covers, short collar joints, 3 legged ports) etc.

Automotive/ Industrial

Automotive Services and Supplies

Repairs and maintenance of automobiles, storage of autos, towing, trucking services, leasing, rentals, car washes/cleaning, stabilization system, wheel balancing, Panel Beating, Tyre Sales and Repairs, Wheel Balancing and Alignment, Vehicle Towing Services etc.

Aviation Supplies/ Services

Planes, helicopters, etc.., aircraft parts, aerospace engineering, pilots

Heavy Equipment/ Vehicles

Dump trucks, bull-dozers, cranes, asphalt rollers, etc. tractors Office trailers, skid loader, earthmovers, heavy duty vehicles, excavators, caterpillar, graders, trains etc..

Industrial Vehicles/ Equipment

Fire trucks, Ambulances, Construction Vehicles, Hire of Construction Equipment (Tip Trucks, Bulldozers etc..), Transport Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Buses (school and commercial), Utility Trucks, Ride-on Lawn Mowers, decontamination trailers, street cars, ice-resurfacers, office trailers, trains etc.

Passenger Vehicles

Cars, Sports utility vehicles, pick-up trucks, mini vans, police cars, etc. hybrids

Tools/ Supplies/ Parts

Automotive/aircraft parts/tools/lifts, etc.., machine shop tools, anti-freeze, parts, car wash drive through system, pick-up caps, hoists etc.

Banking, Legal and Finance


Bookkeeping Software & Accounting Systems, Tax Consultants, Chartered Accountants (CA), Management Accounting & Accountants, Intellectual Property


Forensic Services, Debt Collectors


Banks, Investment Advisory Service, Microfinance


Insurance Services, Pension Plans and Pension Consultants, Insurance Brokers

Legal Services

Lawyers, Conveyancing

Business Services/ Supplies

Pest Control/Animal Services / Supplies

Exterminating/control/relocate and veterinary Services, animal husbandry, coyote collars, caribou capture, Pest Management Services, Pet Services, Aquarium Cleaning etc..

Printing Services/ Graphics/ Imaging/ Desktop design / Equipment

Printing, design, publishing, film, cameras, printing equipment, videographer, ID System, license plate, website design, photography services, car wrap/wrapping etc. Media Production ((filming, photography etc.), Textbook Publishing

Real Estate Services

Leasing of office space, Property Management, Realtor Consultant, Broker Services, affordable housing, Retail Management / Operation etc..

Recycling Goods and Waste Removal / Management Services

Recycling of goods, garbage bins, removal/haulage of hazardous waste. disposal services, shredding, waste management, bio solid, shredding services, leaf collection service etc.

Safety Equipment/ Services / Supplies

First Aid training/supplies, Safety gears-boots, belts, helmet, Health and safety inspections (Fire Sprinkler systems), lifeline systems, fall arrest, fire extinguishers services and supply, Asbestos Management Plan, crowd control / portable gates, Disinfection supplies and services, etc..

Security Services / Supplies

Access control systems, security guards, guard dogs, home alarms, locksmiths, Private investigation services, tracing services, armored services, guns, security software, barcode scanners, parking meters equipment, ID Systems, radar, CCTV, confidential shredding of documents, etc. firearms, ammunitions, magazines, holsters, crowd control / portable gates etc..

Shipping/ Courier, Transportation Services/ Storage Services

Courier, Mailing, Storage/lockers, Moving, Summer Camp Bussing Service, Patient Transport, trucking services, taxi, car rental, Shelving, Offsite Media Storage System, Logistics services, Racking, Material Handling Systems, etc.

Clothing and Accessories



Linen, bedding clothing, mannequins/manikins,

Clothing and Headwear

T-shirts, Caps, Uniforms, Embroidery, Fabric Stores, Lingerie Stores, Clothing Suppliers, Protective Clothing, Sports Wear and Equipment

Clothing Accessories

Industrial & Work Gloves Jewellers & Jewellery Stores Jewellery Craftsmen, footwear, bags, etc.

Computers and Printers

Computer Hardware

Hardware, peripherals and accessories, servers, Printers, GPS receivers, refurbished computers, chargers, system storage, I/O Storage, Interactive Response System etc.

Computer Services

Network cabling, repairs/ maintenance of computers, Input and data processing, etc.., automated call centre, network assessments, internet services, local network services, digital data network, website developer/designer, etc.

Computer Software

Computer Software (Licenses, Connexus software, Microsoft software, Phoenics 3.4 etc..), data logger, security software (i.e. anti-virus/spyware) library information system, records management, interactive response system etc.

IT Consulting

Software architects, consulting for computer systems, solutions, infrastructure, Design/Management, informatics professional services, IT security, email marketing services WAN, VoiP etc.


Bridges/ Elevated Highways/ Tunnels/ Subways/ Railroads

Tunnels, Maintenance of Bridges, Subways, Railroads, etc..

Building Projects/ Renovation/ Demolition Projects

Building Construction, Concrete Work, Sidewalks, Steel, Aluminum, Metal Fabrication, Mortar Renovation, Stone Cladding, Flooring Supplies and Services, Carpentry and Wood Services, Demolition Civil Works, Earth Moving, Site Preparation, Masonry Works, Underground Storage, Fences, Pallet Racking, Millwork, Waterproofing, Parking Lots, Modular Homes, etc.

Construction Hardware

Doors, Windows, Hand-Held Tools, Lumber, Drywall, Handles, Knobs, Fence Materials, Hammers, Nails, Screws, Wires, Locks, Water Meter, Carpets, Floor Materials, Window Blinds etc.

Construction Materials/ Equipment

Concrete Saw, Heavy Duty Drill, Concrete Mixers, Catch-Basins, Aggregates, Granular Materials, Welding Machine, Poles, Sheet Metal, Scaffolding, Traffic Glass Beads etc..

Construction/ Project Manager

Construction Management and Consulting and General Contracting, Contract Management

Electrical Supplies/ Services

Electrical Engineering, Services and Supplies, Maintenance /Repairs of Generators, Lighting Fixtures, Fabricated Steel Crossarms (Poles), Pedestrian lights, Power Back-Up Equipment, Transformers, Standby Generators, Consumables & Accessories etc.

Heating/Plumbing/ Mechanical Supplies/ Services

Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing Fixtures, Pipe, Valves and Fittings, Pumps and Tanks, Water Coolers, Water Heaters, Leak Detection, HVAC, Refrigerant, Hydronics, Unit Heaters, Zone Systems, Evaporative Coolers, Portable Spot Coolers, Ductless Split Systems, Duct Cleaning, Instrumentation and Related Accessories, Refrigeration Systems, Elevators, Gas (Industrial and Domestic)

Landscaping/ Grounds Maintenance/ Supplies

Landscaping/Grounds Maintenance/Supplies: Fertilizer, Seeds, Sods, Tree Planting, Lawn Mowing, Pond Planters, Bark Mulch, Soil Control, Aquarium/Aquatic Materials, real/artificial turf, vegetation management, horticulture etc.

Painting Supplies/ Services

Painting Services, Paint, Brushes, Paint Thinner, Road Painting, traffic glass beads, etc.

Parks/ Recreational Facilities

Playgrounds Structures/Equipment, Parks and Recreational Facilities, Pools, Skate Park Systems, Arenas, Graveyards, Golf Courses, etc. Upgrades And Maintenance, bleachers, Cemeteries and Graveyards, playground equipment, Bus Shelters etc.

Roads/ Sewer/ Watermain

Roads/Sewer/Watermain Projects-Excavating, Ditch, Culvert, Streetscaping, Traffic Lights, Road Painting, Visors, Polycarb, Asphalt Overlay, Fire Hydrant, Guard Rails, Drainage Systems

Roofing Supplies/ Services

Roofing Projects, Shingles, Aluminum Siding

Water Treatment/ Plants

Water Treatment Plants, Purification, Monitoring/ Equipment/ Supplies, Inspection, Maintenance, Water Measuring Devices, Dams, Water Quality, Water Treatment Services/supplies, etc.

Solar Products and Accessories

Solar Panels and Accessories

Consulting Services

Architectural Consulting/ Interior Design

Planning And Designing of Buildings/Non- Building Structures, Acoustics, Noise & Vibration Control, Interior Spacing/Decorating, Landscape Architecture, Glazing Services, Artsy Stuff, Building Measurement, As-built floor plans services


Various Engineering Disciplines: Drawings, Design of Roads/Bridges/ Parks, Structural Analysis, Materials/Quality Testing, Directional Drilling, Aerial photography, cadastral survey, seismic upgrade, Cartography, Mapping Services, etc..

Environmental/ Urban Planning

Environmental Engineering, Consulting, Marine/Coral Reef Ecosystem, Biodiversity Conservation, Asbestos Management Plan, Leachate Management, Diving Services, Environmental Management Systems/Risk Assessment, Growth Management, Zoning, Transportation Planning, Land Use Planning, Historic Survey, Heritage Consultant, Archaeological services, Disinfection supplies and services, etc..

Human Resources/ Communications

Public/Employee Relations, Benefits/Compensation Administration, Organizational Development, Recruiting/Staffing/Training/Coaching, Job Design, Management of Call/Contact Centres, Performance Reviews video production, Executive Search, Job Evaluation, Salary Grid Development, Translation services, etc.

Legal Services

Lawyers, Paralegal Services, Bailiffs, Bankruptcy Administrator, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Litigation, General Corporate Advice and Contracts, Including Leases and Joint-Use Agreements, By-Laws, etc.

Management Consulting

Feasibility Studies, Statistical Analysis, Business Plans, Best Practices, Business Services, Management Review, Policy Review Etc..

Educational/ Recreational


Reading Materials – Textbooks, Novels, Reference Books, etc.

Educational/ Trade Equipment and Supplies

Supply And Repair of Machinery: Taps, Dies and Endmills, Horizontal

Library Services/ Supplies

Librarian, Reorganization of Books, Cataloguing Services., Supplies, Research – historic, cultural, records management, library info. system, etc..

Musical Instruments/ Supplies/ Services

Instruments, Sheet Music and Equipment, Digitization Cabling, Integration System, etc.

Primary Educational Supplies

Art Supplies, Mathematical Supplies, Classroom Supplies, Language Supplies

Science Equipment/ Supplies and Laboratory Services

Microscopes, Stereolithography, Rapid Prototyper, Capillary Electrophoresis, Femtosecond Fiber Laser, Radio synthesis Module, Laboratory Apparatus/Equipment, Laboratory Glassware, Sample Testing, R&D, Dry Ice, etc..

Sports Equipment/ Services

Basketballs, Helmets, Footballs, Gym Equipment, Lockers, Mats, Nets, Sports classes

Theatrical/ Staging Supplies/ Services

Draperies, Stages, Stage Design, Props, Exhibit Set Up, Gallery and Museum, Scaffolding and Rigging Services, sculpting, mascots etc.

Training/ Education/ Consulting

Training Sessions, Programs, Materials, Videos, Special /Education/Consulting, Interpretations Services, Corporate Training, Transcription / Translation Services etc.

Electronics/ Appliances

Audio/ Visual Electronics & Services

Televisions, Radios, Microfiche, Data Projectors, Stereo/Sound Systems, Wall Screens, Interactive White Boards, Scanners, Cameras, Sound Engineer, Videographers, GPS, PA Systems etc.

General Appliances

Ranges, Refrigerators, freezers, Microwaves, Coffee Makers, toasters, blenders, slowcookers, Washers and Dryers, Appliance Repair, etc.

Energy/ Fuel/ Chemical

Chemical Products/ Services

Industrial Chemicals (ex: benzene), Commercial Chemicals (ex: chlorine) Pool Chemicals, etc..

Energy Products/ Services/ Management

Hydro, Batteries, Transformers, Consulting, Maintenance Services/Equipment for Renewable Energy, Generators, Booster pumps, Vending Miser, Energy Efficient Products (Fabricated Steel Crossarms, Energy Audit, Solar Energy, Photovoltaic etc..

Fuel Products/ Services

Gasoline, Oil, Grease, Diesel, Coal, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Natural Gas, Storage/Fuel Tanks, Natural Gas Boilers, Pipeline Transport etc. Barrels, Jet Fuel, Engine Oil, Pump gas etc..

Nuclear Energy Industry Services/Nuclear Waste Management

New build / refurbishment /Clean-up / decommissioning / waste management /Reactor / operational support

Renewable Energy

Wind power, water power, bio-energy, solar power

Food Industry

Food Products and Groceries

Fish, Pork, Meat, Utensils (Fork, Spoons, cups, plates, etc.), Flatware, Pans, Chinaware, Grains, Meats, Fruits, Vegetables, Oils, Sweets, Snacks, Dairy products, condiments (Ketchup, sugar, salts, spices etc..), tea and coffee, Bulk water supplies

Food Services / Supplies/ Equipment

Cafeteria Services, Vending Machines, Culinary Services, Culinary Equipment, Nutritionist / Dietitian Services, Food Concessionaire, Wine Dispensing etc.

Furniture, Office Supplies/Facility Management

Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Services, Disinfectants, Industrial Hygiene Services, Window Cleaning Services, Cleaning Chemicals, Dry Cleaning Services

Facility Maintenance & Repair Services

Air Condition Services and Equipment, interior Landscaping Services, Window & Door Installation Services, Elevator & Escalator Maintenance Services, Landscape Maintenance, Fumigation Services etc.

Interior Design Services

Carpet Installation, Painting Services, Carpentry Services

Waste Management Services

Waste Disposal Services, Medical Waste Disposal Services


Industrial Furniture, Office Desks, Office Furniture Systems, Partitioning, Locker Systems

Marketing & Advertising Services



Marketing Research, Surveys, Media, Novelty Items, branding, recognition gifts, promotional proposal., call centers, pro shop services, vendor of record process, customer satisfaction survey, Bus Shelters, car wrap/wrapping etc..

Signage/ Billboards

Road signs, billboards, store and business front signs (electronic and non-electronic), license plates, wayfinding, etc.

Medical and Healthcare

Dental Equipment/ Services

Dental Services, Dentists, Dental Chairs, Dental Equipment and Supplies, etc.

Medical Consulting/ Services

Specialized Doctors, Development of Wellness Programs, X-Ray Technician, Ultrasound Technician, Physiotherapy, Optical Services, Clinical Services, Sensory Rooms, Epidemiological Studies, Healthcare management etc.

Medical Equipment/ Instruments

Ultrasound Units, X-Ray Machines, Hospital Beds, etc. Medical cameras, microscopes, ventilators, prosthetics, orthotics

Medical Supplies

Bandages, Dressings, Syringes, Catheters, Test Kits, Diapers, Examination gloves, crutches, masks, scrubs, medicine containers/packaging, hand sanitizers, Incontinence products etc..

Pharmaceuticals/ Services

Drugs And Services, Testing, R&D, Dispensing, packaging of drugs like Blister packs, prescription/over the counter drugs

Office Supplies

Furniture/ Other Specialty Wares

Furniture- Desks, Chairs, Tables, Sofas, Beds, System Furniture, Hair Salon Chairs, etc. Cubicles/room dividers, Filing cabinets, offsite media storage, Upholstery, Furniture Repair etc.

General Supplies

Staplers, Hanging Folders, File Folders, Tape, Pencils, Pens, White Out, Dry Erase Markers, Toner Cartridge, Ink Whiteboards, corkboards, etc.

Office Equipment/ Services (excluding computers!)

Photocopiers, Scanners, Printers, Fax Machines, Parts/Services (Not Computers!!), Interactive White Boards, Barcode Scanners, Microfilm Scanners etc..

Paper/ Stationery

Paper Products (Fax, Printer and Photocopier Paper), Envelopes, Notepads, Message Pads, etc.


Network Cabling/ Fibre Optics Products and Services

Routers, Cabling Supplies, Ethernet etc. Switches. Wall plates (Jacks), wire crimpers/strippers

Tele-Consulting/ Services

Consulting For Telecommunication Companies, Telephone, Internet WAN, VoiP, Broadband/Internet Protocol Networking Devices etc.

Telecom Equipment/ Supplies and services

Phone Systems, Paging, Cellular Phones, Two-Way Radios (alternative: radio communications), Voicemail, etc. Radios/ Walkie Talkies, GPS Receivers Satellite, Digital/Analog phones, Headsets, video conferencing

Travel, Hospitality & Event Management

Hospitality/ Conference/ Travel Services

Hotels, Conference and banquet facilities/services, Hotels, Safari Activities, Travel Services, Fireworks, tents, and equipment rental, exhibitions, party favors, accommodation services, mascots, crowd control / portable gates, Passenger Transport, Travel and Tour etc.

Catering and Event Management

Catering Services, Catering Equipment, Accessories & Spares; Heavy Duty Catering Equipment (Industrial, Oil Jacketed Pots etc.), Outdoor, Camping & Hunting Equipment, Event Management, Hire of Tents, Outdoor & Camping Equipment, etc.


Unclassified Categories